New arrival

Our TMBO lounge chair and Sofa, designed by architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen in 1935, is now available in sheepskin.

The sofa and lounge chair was originally design for an exhibition in Magasin Du Nord in 1935, and was originally only made in a few pieces.

We, here at mazo, relaunched the TMBO series in 2019, in various upholstery.


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MZO chair in limited edition

Our MZO chair is designed by architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen in 1931.

We have now made a small batch in royal blue as a limited edition.


The chair is only available with us and the price is 1.895 kr/pc (255EUR)

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We are serious about authenticity. We rely on it. It is the core of our existence.

mazō produce and re-launch both the iconic international design classics, and the hidden gems. We believe the most foresighted design can be created by embracing the experience of the past.

Our 16Plus ceramic lamp now also available here:


UNUM (Aalborg)

Illums bolighus (CPH)

Trendy Living


Jacobsen Møbler


The 16PLUS lamp series is designed by Snorre Læssøe Stephensen in 1979, and is made in OAK wood and bone china which makes the shade translucent and gives a warm glow.

New arrival

Our WNG chair, designed by architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen in 1937, is now available in sheepskin.

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mazō is composed of a full spectrum of functionalism: With roots in Scandinavian tradition, a love of the simplicity of the Bauhaus era, and a reminiscence of ancient Japanese culture, we aim to provide people of this century the opportunity to choose furniture with long lasting design. 

Our designers.

We partner with authentic and dedicated designers, who not only share our fondness of the Nordic and Japanese aesthetics and understand the balance of beauty and function, but also create designs, in quality materials, suited for humans and homes of our days.

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